By CIndy

11 Oct 2017


My Attendance to the 7th out of 300 Bucket List Festivals:

There’s a big chunk of the demographic in Chicago's population which are racially categorized as African-American.  As politically incorrect as that may sound, it’s a city where blacks are very much represented.  This was further boosted when one of its locals later became a USA  president.

So strong is their influence in society that the Africa International House undertook an initiative to expose and educate people further about the culture of Africans.  Hence, they created the African Festival of the Arts.

To sum up, it’s a cultural showdown of everything African.  There’s African music performances, food, fashion, arts, health and beauty and dance and an incredible array of artifacts.

Online ticket costs USD 15 but on site it’s USD 20 for adults aged 13-64.  It usually held on the first 4 days of September at the Washington Park in South Chicago. We just took the Uber Taxi going to and from the event site.   

There’s a lot of realizations:  the African culture is a beautiful culture, very rich and vibrant.  The people are just very friendly and they hold a strong family bond, like the Asians.  Their accord to friends are family are unmatched that breaking the bond is almost next to impossible. Do you have an African friend who calls everybody their cousin?  That’s what I mean.

My favorite part is the African Drum Village.  Performers drum through all day.  Hand drumming is the pulse of their society and culture.  It’s a way to communicate many emotions – happiness, grief or even war.

I’m sharing the following impressions I took during the time that I was ticking off my 7th out of the 300 bucket list festivals powered by EverFest.

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