By Cindy

04 Jun 2017


Patron Saints Felix, Regula and Exuperantius

My permanent bucket list says I should join a ghost tour.  I wanted to do it closer to home, so I traveled to Zurich for the Ghost Walk Zurich by Dan Dent.  

According to, Dan Dent is an experienced ghost tour operator from the award winning Ghost Hunt of York.   He moved to Zurich and set-up the Ghost Walk Zurich when he married his now wife whom he met in one of the tours he did.  

I would have really loved it if I felt something spooky or perhaps had some poltergeist type of sighting but none of that happened.  Instead, Dan Dent of Ghost Walk Zurich entertained us with his humorous story telling stints of paranormal old age legends of Zurich.  We were only 5 in the group, excluding Dan.

One such legend was the story about the 3 patron saints of Zurich:  Felix, Regula and Exuperantius who fled the Romans persecutions of Christians but eventually died beheaded.  Legend has it that their dead bodies rose, then, they picked up their heads and walked leaving a trail of blood towards Grossmünster Church where they laid down and waited to be buried.

I appreciated Dan’s British humor injected in every ghost story or just snippets of it he narrated.  They are largely witty understated satires with cynical modern punchlines delivered by his tongue-in-cheek personality.   His sorcerous face added character to the entire act.

The funniest moment for me was when we stopped by Migros' founder, Gottlieb Duttweiler’s house.  Dan narrated a hilarious urban legend that someone tapped the buzzer of Gottlieb’s doorbell with his Cumulus card and it suddenly registered 10,000 points!

The eeriest moment I experienced happened during the last leg of the tour when we returned to the Paradeplatz fountain.  Dan instructed us to keep our mobile phones in our pocket or inside our bags.  He then continued his narrative and boom!  THE SCARE!  

I will leave you in suspense.  This way, you can try to find out for yourself. 

I imagine that the experience could have been better and spookier if it were dark and cold.  It did not help that the tour started at 8 pm during a summer.  I would advise that if you would do it, make it on an autumn night, preferably on Halloween time, my birthday time.

It think this experience was more of a city walking tour, more than anything else.  But I recommend it as a great form of a team building activity though.  Imagine your team would embark on a different adventure, beyond the normal eating out, karting or BBQ sessions – it would be one of a kind. 

The Ghost Walk of Zurich costs CHF 15 per person for 1 hour.  You need to be at least 4 people for it to operate.  It’s available daily at 8 pm from February to end of May and August to end of November.  Private tours are available too for CHF 150.  There’s no need to pre-book (except for private tours), just make an appearance at the Paradeplatz fountain along the posh Bahnhofstrasse.  It’s right in front of Savoy Hotel and Hermès boutique.

There he is Dan, waiting for interested people he can spook at the meeting point of the ghost tour, Paradeplatz fountain

The towering Grossmünster Church, which Dan calls the salt and pepper shaker tower

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