By Cindy

23 Jun 2017


Strawberry Fields Forever

Would you believe that part of my bucket list was to do strawberry picking?  I did it at La Fraisière Feuillasse in Meyrin, not too far from the Geneva airport. 

As it’s a seasonal fruit, there is a schedule for strawberry picking, starting from May 18 of every year up to around 19 of June (or just before the official summer starts).  During fruit picking seasons, they are open Monday up to Sundays, 8 am to 6:30 pm.

Entrance is free.  I was given several baskets to load my strawberries.  There's no limit to how much I can pick.  Upon check-out, they weigh your fruits and you pay per kilo.  The estimate cost of one basket is around CHF 5.  Not bad.

The strawberries are so sweet and very tasty.  I’ve never tasted strawberries that naturally sweet, even the small ones are to die for.  They are certified organic and fresh.  This activity is ideal for the entire family and I hope you can drop by next year.

Entry to the farm

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