By Cindy

01 Oct 2017


Third Wheeling in WeHo

The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood was founded by David Cooley.  It is a 2-time winner of the MTV Logo Best Gay Bar in the Word Award.  I figured that if I wanted to tick-off my bucket list to enter a gay bar, I should choose the best in the world. 

Originally set-up to cater to the gay community, it has now expanded its clientele base from all walks of life.  You can see how the bar has metamorphosed when you observe the customers who enter the restaurant and bar.  From morning up to lunch, you can see families and moms with baby strollers trying out the brunch specialties.  Towards the afternoon, you can spot “gymaholics” grabbing some post-workout grub.  Then from happy hour up to the wee hours of the morning, a lot of gay couples start to flock and I presume they dominate the demographics of the bar up until its closing.

There’s a cornucopia of gay personalities and couples.   From the Cute-But-Cunty Door Boy, Fake Goth DJs, Drag Queens, Muscle bartenders, Go-Go boys, the Leather Daddies or simply the Anti-Pride hipsters who look too corporate to be labelled as gay.

The entrance is free.   You can also opt for bottle service, where a table is reserved for you and your friends, and there’s a minimum consumable amount in food and drinks that you can set.  One example is a bottle service of USD 300 for 6 people.  The drinks from the Abbey Mixology bar costs between USD 3-20.  They serve bar chow food, which is quite good.    They offer food delivery through UberEats.

popcorn chicken and crab cakes

There are no rules for dress codes. 

The Abbey’s has a sister bar called The Chapel, which is a cocktail focused night club which is more “dressed-up”, so to speak.

The highlight of each night when is when there are hot platform male and sexy female go-go dancers who grind the whole night in freestyle but mostly in techno, house or trance music.    As a courtesy, appreciative customers give tips to these go-go dancers by inserting bills in their trunks.  One sweaty gay man ogle at one sizzling hot male dancer from afar and would constantly give him tips.

Dancers normally carry out their acts in pairs.  For the blog, I approached one pair, had my photo taken and inserted some bills into the boxers of one dancer.  It was fun and I thought I accidentally touched his crotch and felt something so hard.  By just posing a photo in front of them, I instantly felt I was third wheeling!

One special days, they have drag shows at Saturday brunch times, 80’s disco show every Mondays, Altar Lesbian shows on Wednesdays, Sunday School shows, Born Again Fridays  and Salvation Saturdays nights.

The atmosphere is super fun and friendly.  Not intimidating at all for straight people.  The interior design is mostly in the nouveau gothic style range and definitely inspired by the convent or monastery look but with a colorful and modern twist.

Interiors inspired by the monastery theme

It was one of a kind and fun experience with my sister.  Everyone was very approachable and friendly.  I want to be back.  Finally, I think it's important to highlight that the LGBT community has some of the most creative people on earth and that whatever your sexual orientation is, be proud and happy about it!

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