By Cindy

04 Mar 2017


#6 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant List (2016)

To dine in all of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants is part of my bucket list, a permanent list created in 2011. 

The 50 Best list was voted by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, which is composed of 1040 independent experts.


One has to pass by 3 countries when heading to Mirazur Restaurant.  You’ve got Nice/Menton, France, Monaco and just a few steps to Italy.   The restaurant is located at the French Riviera, hence the spectacular view compliments the satisfying gastronomical experience.


The Argentinian-Italian chef, Mauro Colagreco is a very warm and amicable host to his clients.  He even calls this restaurant as “our home”.  His gracious personality adds to the door-always-open ambiance. It couldn’t ring truer as the inviting façade and its elegant yet cozy interiors almost have a therapeutic calming effect on diners.


I tried the Spécial Fête du Citron menu.  At EUR 110, this 6-course set menu is available only up to March 5.  This special menu is inspired by the Fête du Citron in Menton which celebrates the abundance of lemon, orange, clementine and grapefruit in this French region.

The best set menu is the Signature Set (EUR 210 and around EUR 90 for wine pairing).

wild salsifis, pancetta and brussels sprout with mustard, goat cheese, fermented carrots with garden carrots, white miso pana cotta, chicken consommé, snail of kohlrabi with parsley, Mediterranean sardine with Menton lemon, black pudding macaroon

The Stone Crab. Gamberoni and turnip with hibiscus

freshly baked bread and should be dipped in Huile d'olive au gingembre et au citron de Menton par Chef Mauro

Thorny artichoke slow roasting first shoots salad, Kumbawa and lime vinaigrette

Tortellini. Almonds and smoked beef consommé

Roasted red mullet fish. Osmanthus flower sauce, pomelo and roots from the garden

Piglet. Endives, fennel and clementines. It rekindled my love for roast pork.

Lemon iced juice from Menton trees. Candied zest and Oxalis

Naranjo en Flor. Sospel's St. Joseph safran, almond foam and orange sorbet

Walnut ice cream

Gorgonzola and coffee pie, Macha tea biscuit and white chocolate pastille. Meat tile with the date puree. Grapefruit and thyme fruit paste

Selection of cheese by Maître Anthony and small producers


The restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients.  The ingredients are basically categorized into sea (for the fruits of the Mediterranean sea), garden (produce from Mirazur’s garden and its local markets) and mountain (local farmers’ meat and some forest pickings). 

Like most of the chefs in the World’s 50 Best List, Chef Mauro also has his own vegetables garden.   What made his garden different from the rest is the inclusion of some exotic varieties of seeds which he sourced from his travels abroad.


All staff from the receptionist up to the restaurant manager are very cordial and accommodating.  Since I blog, I asked for their permission if I can take some photos of the restaurant, for which they gladly agreed provided I do not disturb other diners.

Chef Mauro makes sure that he touches base with all his customers, greeting and chitchatting with them to make them feel comfortable.  I also met his adorable son!


Unlike other restaurants in the World’s 50 Best List, the menu portions served in Mirazur are generous.  The chef and the manager even offer their diners surprise menu as treats.   The price relative to the superior quality of the ingredients used is good value for money and I highly recommend everyone to try out.

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