By Cindy

01 Dec 2017


Making Peace with Your Guilty Conscience

A Chinese-Filipino financial motivational speaker Chinkee Tan authored the book Diaries of a Pulubi, sharing his 22 lessons from mundane and typical situations where Filipinos normally become financially compromised. 

Shopping, expensive weddings, show-offs, upgrades, eating out, parties, travel, coffee, dates, credit card, gadgets are some examples.  In my case, doing my bucket list involves constant and never-ending spending.  After reading the book, it literally made me sit back and review my financial position.

We all have been there and in one or more instances we’re guilty as char even if behind our subconscious minds, we know the repercussions of these highly toxic money habits.   

But Chinkee Tan offers hope through his book by sensitizing the readers’ conscience whilst reviving the financial knowledge nuggets to help one get out of the debt trap. 

In the Philippines, the book is available online at Chinkee’s online shop:

If you’re in Geneva, the book is distributed through my good friend JOjo.

- Simply send your orders to her email address: or

- send her a message through her Facebook account:

Retail price is CHF 12 per book.

Remember, the Christmas holidays are coming.  Let's be simple and cognizant of our finances, after all, financial health is just as important as having fun.

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