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By Cindy

04 Dec 2017


Got Vinyl Records? You Need a Charming Player

There’s a new wave of music distribution format hitting record bars lately.    I know right?  All along I thought that iTunes, Amazoon MP3, Zune Marketplace (Microsoft), Rhapsody (RealNetworks), eMusic, Lala, and Amie Street have eaten almost the entire chunk of the music business.  But the resurgence of the vinyl records seems to be unstoppable. 

The vintage portable turntable plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records.   Don’t be deceived by its charming suite case-style shelled  vintage design, the Cruiser Deluxe includes modern functionalities like portable audio ready, dynamic full-range stereo speakers (6" Full Range Speaker), headphone jack and an RCA output. 

The best thing about this vinyl record player is that it is Bluetooth enabled, therefore, syncing digital music right from a device and play through its speakers is possible. 

You can use a headphone to make your listening experience more exclusive. Or you can blast the sounds through speakers using the RCA ports. 

Color options range from:  blue, back, green, orange, turquoise and tweed. 

In Europe, it retails at EUR 100 and if you buy it online ( for delivery to Geneva, an additional CHF 33 is added for tax.    

Too much cuteness in one turntable!

dial in the record’s speed with advanced pitch control adjustments

6" Full Range Speaker

Suite case shell is so adorable

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