By Cindy

31 Jul 2016


What Happened at the Silica Bar, Stays at the Silica Bar

800 years ago, some volcanic eruption created the surrounding landscape to what is now called the Blue Lagoon. 

This famous geothermal spa gets its water below the earth.  It is a combination of freshwater and seawater.  When they surface, it goes through a power plant for harnessing.  The water is milky white in color.  However, with the silica and minerals on the the lagoon plus the sunlight, it turns into blue and sometimes blue green when there are algae present.

Is the water hot?  Well, it remains below 40 degree Celsius so it's fine, it's like taking a hot bath.  This temperature makes it a potent relaxant. 

For OCDs, don’t freak out -- the water is self-cleansing every 40 hours.  Take comfort to that fact.  So, even if tons of tourists from all over the world submerged themselves into the lagoon, it’s relatively safe and clean.

Those silica, mineral and algae deposits are used as beauty masks.  It made perfect sense that Blue Lagoon set-up their cosmetics line using these minerals.  It’s supposed to rejuvenate and nourish your skin from within. It helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives your face immediate lift and youthful glow. 

There’s a silica bar right in the middle of the lagoon where buckets of different minerals can be used freely and generously on the face and body. 

There’s some crazy stuff I did that should never be repeated by anyone wanting to visit the Blue Lagoon:

One:  Just apply a thin mask of the silica on the face and neck and try not to slather them too generously. Take it as a forewarning because just on the side of the bar, there are free photo sessions given by Blue Lagoon. Don’t look like you just came out from a pie-throwing contest when they take a snap of you.

Two:  Leave the mask on your face no longer than 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, rinse it off.  I had it on like for 20 minutes so I felt some burning sensation after.  Also, the mask is kind of itchy on the face.   At any rate, when I removed the mask, I instantly felt my skin became suddenly soft and supple.  I kid you not.

Three:  Let loose and leave your inhibitions behind.   It’s a requirement to wear a swimsuit.  But you have the option to wear shorts and T-shirt on top of the swimsuit.  I was shy to show my ample bosoms (LOL), so I wore a shirt over my swimsuit.   Don’t do this.  It will just add unnecessary weight on you and maneuvering through the lagoon will be difficult.  Just wear the swimsuit, period.

Four:  Bring your own flip flops but it’s better to rent a towel.  I brought my own towel and after the shower it became very heavy inside my bag.

Five:  Use lots of hair conditioner when you shower after bathing in the lagoon.  The silicon makes your hair stiff.

Six:  If you’re not a kid, do not wear arm inflatables.  You will not drown!  The water is so shallow.  Can you even imagine a 40-year-old wearing wrist inflatables? 

This bracelet technology Blue Lagoon uses as locker keys and data record of any service or goods is amazing.  If you buy let’s say a drink at the Lava Restaurant, you don’t need to pay with money or credit card, just tap your bracelet and the purchase information will all be stored in the chip of the bracelet.  Once you check-out, you’ll be ask to settle them at the front desk.

It was definitely fun and I will never forget the experience!  Life is short, enjoy life!

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